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the regent specification

The 'Regent' is available as a fully built vehicle or in component form for self assembly. There are many benefits to using a 'Regent' for wedding car hire as opposed to authentic vintage cars. These are:

  • much more reliable than any vintage car
  • able to accelerate, steer and brake in keeping with modern day traffic and road conditions
  • readily available spares at extremely competitive prices
  • the body is manufactured from the highest quality GRP, therefore it does not rust

The mechanical basis for the 'Regent' is the London taxi (FX4). This vehicle provides the chassis, all major mechanical components, electrical parts etc. Its it the perfect Donor vehicle for many reasons, not least for its extremely reliable, simple and robust mechanicals. It will out manouvre any car around a church yard thanks to the smallest turning circle of any car.

Customers who choose to assemble their own 'Regent' have the added benefit that the finished car will not have to undergo the complex and expensive SVA test (this is because a chassis from the donor vehicle is used. The London taxi is the only vehicle to have a separate chassis).

Another important factor with a convertible wedding car is the speed and ease of lowerng or raising the hood. Ian Hyne, editor of a leading specialist car magazine, writes: "few people realise that there is an art in designing and fabricating a good hood. When it's a big hood covering a four door car its even more complicated but Caremore Wedding Cars have proved themselves a master at the job and the Regent is no exception. It's a brilliant job - just like the Regent".

To view a Regent demonstrator and see cars under construction at our premises in St. Helens, Merseyside, please telephone for an appointment.